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LDG Forest Logistics: Production and Distribution of high quality Pellets

A large-scale market distribution system ranging from large heat and energy industrial production to private sector.

Pellets for domestic stoves or industrial plants. Wholesale or for home use.

Production Areas:


Logistics: Hubs and Warehouses


Pellet logistics by sea or by land

LDG Forest guarantees logistical efficiency and reliability in all stages of the pellet’s life, from procurement and distribution to packaging.

Our pellets travel in bulk or in containers on ships and by truck and can be bagged in 15kg packs to be delivered for the domestic market.

Our logistics: Quality all along the way

Our pellets come from high quality sustainable sources. From production to sale, each phase of the supply chain is tracked and subjected to strict controls to ensure safety and quality according to the ENplus® A1 certification.

The certificates provide for annual inspections of the entire production process, including raw materials and equipment, directly at the company. Companies that choose to certify their products and processes undertake to comply with all quality standards


Tips for proper home storage of pellets:

How to properly store the pellets:

  • Do not leave the bags of pellets directly on the ground, but store them on a pallet, an insulating layer or a surface detached from the ground;
  • Do not stack the bags in direct contact with the wall of the room, it is advisable to use a layer of material that can act as an insulator (such as cardboard or polystyrene);
  • If the pellets are stored outdoors, use insulating caps to protect the bags from atmospheric agents and UV rays.

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