"LDG Forest is an international company able to meet the needs of every sector of the heating pellets market, from small consumers to large-scale distribution, thanks to our wide range of forest products from the trunk and derivatives to energy products."

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LDG Forest was founded in 1976 and is currently present in 4 countries: Denmark, Canada, Russia and Italy.

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You can count on our year-round extensive distribution network across Europe to meet all your pellet supply requirements.
A full range of produc is shipped by railroad, road, in containers or in bulk by ship, for a total volume of over 300,000 m3 of timber and more than 220,000 tonnes of biofuel per season.



We offer a complete range of product, from round wood to small components and biofuels to meet any market need, from the small consumer to the industrial sector.

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Wood pellets, for solid fuel boilers and heating systems, produced with wood processing waste (sawdust, shavings, scraps, etc.) which are dried, finely ground and pressed at high pressure (without adding binders) in cylinders with a diameter of 6, 8 or 10 mm. One tonne of wood pellets is produced from 3-5 m3 of wood waste with natural moisture. Currently, pellets are produced not only from wood, but also from other biological materials (peat, sunflower husk, buckwheat husk, straw, etc.).

pellet domestico

Household Pellets

The pellet (wood pellet) is a cylinder made of crushed and pressed conifer wood. The pellet has a length between 5 and 45 millimeters and a diameter between 6 and 8 millimeters. Pellets with a minimum bark content, have the lowest percentage of ash and are considered a high-quality product (premium pellets, household pellets), suitable for use in domestic boilers.
Pellets are excellent for the heating of individual houses and cottages, for this reason the market for this product is expanding significantly. A key thing is that the percentage of bark use in the total volume of processed raw materials must not exceed 5%

trasporto pellet


Packaging and delivery of pellets.
After cutting the pellets from the press granulator matrix, the pellets are cooled, checked for the presence of small non-standard particles (free of dust) and sent to the pellet packing area. One of the advantages of pellets over other types of fuel is the variety of packaging methods, which allows the consumer to choose the most convenient option for him. Depending on the purpose and purchase volume of the pellets, packaging (and delivery, respectively) can be carried out in the following ways:
• small bags with a maximum weight of 15 kg
• small bags with a maximum weight of 30 kg
• large bags weighing up to 1200 kg;
• automatic pneumatic unloader;
• delivery by ship or wagon;

pellet industriale

Industrial Pellets

Industrial pellets (grade DIN-51731) are distinguished by a darker color. This is due to the presence in the raw material of various non-combustible residues and bark. The only difference is the need for more frequent cleaning of the boiler. The ash content of this category ranges from 0.7% to 1.5%, while the heat dissipation remains almost at the level of premium grades.

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Our wood pellets for industry, commercial and residential use are available all year round, 24/7. You can count on our extensive European distribution network to meet all your supply needs of pellets.