Quality Certifications

In the world of pellets there are various quality certifications. All aim to ensure that the manufacturing process has been carried out in compliance with the quality standards required by law.

The process of obtaining a quality certificate requires an initial and thorough examination by an accredited and impartial expert organization which will issue certificates with a determined deadline.

There are annual inspections of the entire production process, including raw materials and equipment. Companies that choose to certify their products and processes undertake to comply with all quality standards. In case of complaints and violations of the quality requirements (during inspections), the certificate can also be revoked.

LDG Forest Group A / S has requested and obtained the ENplus A1 certifications:

ENplus® is the world’s number one pellet certification scheme. It transparently and independently guarantees the quality of the pellets and fights fraud along the entire supply chain, from production to final delivery.

It encompasses the entire supply chain and supply chain for wood pellets. From the earliest stages of production to final delivery, ENplus® ensures that all stakeholders have detailed guidelines, efficient monitoring procedures and dedicated training at their disposal to ensure consistently high quality levels.

The ENPlus certification, born in 2010 thanks to an agreement within the European Pellet Council (EPC) and then widespread in various European countries. The ENPlus certification is based on the EN 14961-2 standard and has the great advantage of following the entire pellet supply chain: not only the production, but also the origin of the wood, storage, transport and final distribution.

ENplus® pellets must meet a series of specific technical standards and are analyzed to determine their length, diameter, mechanical durability, percentage of fine particles (powders), bulk density and many other parameters. Among these, the ash and moisture content must remain controlled, as well as the calorific value and the possible use of additives. All this to ensure that pellet appliances fed with ENplus® certified pellets have optimal performance, without problems and for longer times.

The LDG Forest pellets have obtained the A1 classification, which corresponds to the highest quality for domestic use pellets.


Certificato Pellet LDG ENplus A1  

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